Goa Lawah Bat Cave Seeing to Raise Ticket Price


Semarapura, Baliterkini.com - The management of the iconic Goa Lawah Bat Cave in the Bali Regency of Klungkung is proposing that the price of admission tickets to the religious site be increased.

The treasurer of the management committee for the tourism object, Putu Juliadi, told Radar Bali that the cost of a ticket to visit the site is among the lowest among competing objects in Bali.

“Kerta Gosa is Rp. 12,000, so we are asking that the government increase our ticket price,” said Juliadi.

Currently, adults are charged Rp. 6,000 and children Rp. 4,000 – a tariff set by the government in 2013. Visitors who do not bring a sarong and sash required to be worn by those visiting the site are charged a rental rate of Rp. 10,000.

Juliadi has been told that regional rules on admission prices at tourism object are generally reviewed only once every five years, which means the cost of admission to Goa Lawah should only be reviewed in 2018.

Goa Lawah that is home to a huge colony of bats and pythons is visited by between 75 and 100 visitors each day. [BT/ balidiscovery.com]