Tumpek Kandang Ceremony Blesses the Animals at The Bali Safari and Marine Park


Gianyar, Baliterkini.com - On Saturday, April 30, 2016, in keeping with "Tumpek Kandang" - a day set aside on the Balinese calendar to honor all God's creatures great and small - the Bali Safari & Marine Park sought the Almighty's blessing on the hundreds of animals representing more than 60 species who make the 40-hectare Park their home.

The solemn ceremony, led by a Bali-Hindu priest (pemangku) from an adjacent village, was held at the Park's giant Ganesha Statue. Attending the prayers were also a large number of Park employees and animals that included a Sumatran Elephant, a pair of colorful macaus, an orangutan, a binturong and a large python.

The unusual ceremony generated great interest among the Park's many visitors who were encouraged to put on a traditional sarong and sash and join the Tumpek Kandang rituals. Always eager to share the rich nuances of Balinese culture, members of the Park's professional team explained the intricacies of the Island's traditions with the visitors. The recipient for five years running of the prestigious Tri Hita Karana Award presented by the Provincial Government for promoting and preserving Balinese Culture, rigorous observance of Bali's elaborate religious protocols is embraced by the Safari Park.

William Santoso, General Manager of the Bali Safari & Marine Park, said: "According to Hindu teachings, harmony between man, the animal kingdom and nature as a whole must always be maintained. Humanity must seek a harmonious coexistence with nature - including all the globe's flora and fauna. Bali Safari, as an agent for education and conservation, supports the appreciation and respect embodied in Bali's 'Tumpek Kandang' observances. In this way, we offer praise and thanks to the Creator for the continuing welfare of our animals."

The Tumpek Kandang ceremonies honors the supremacy of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi, Sang Hyang Siwa Pasupati - also known as Rare Angon, the spiritual shepherd of all wild and domesticated animals.

Tumpek Kandang is celebrated once every 6 months on the convergence of Sabtu Kliwon Wuku Uye on the Balinese Calendar. [BT / balidiscovery.com]